Camera and Accessorie Rental, DRAGON RED EPIC, Canon, Blackmagic etc.

Total Package: Rental & Post Production

We offer attractive packages combining camera rental and post-production, including services provided by our partners.
→ Prices, overall package (rental & post-production)


We have a complete range of well-kept equipment, including the latest cameras along with accessories and individual solutions.

We work with companies in Los Angeles and regularly attend trade fairs such as the NAB (Las Vegas) and IBC (Amsterdam). We are therefore always up to date with the latest technology.

With a high level of professionalism and efficient working methods, we ensure that our customers enjoy working with us, can ask us questions and enjoy a coffee with us.

· RED EPIC, SCARLET, ARRI Alexa, Canon, Sony, Blackmagic, Phantom High-speed, DSLR, etc.
· Lenses
· Follow Focus, Remote Focus
· Matte Box, Filter
· Tripods, Heads, Rigs
· Monitors, Wireless Video


· Equipment lists: Advice and Finalization
· Support for DoPs, directors, DITs, video operators, camera assistants, production managers, producers
· Advice and supervision during pre-production, production, post-production, and on set
· Customs formalities & ATA Carnets
· 24/7 emergency technical support


· BackUp: as an alternative to a DIT/data wrangler on set, you can rent more camera memory from us at low cost and leave the post-shoot backup to us.
· RAW-Conversion: Hardware accelerated transcoding of REDCODE RAW R3D, ARRIRAW, Canon RAW, Sony RAW, Blackmagic, CinemaDNG RAW, etc.
Price: CHF 90 / render hour
· Rushes for offline and online editing
· Pre-grading (one-light) pre-graded rushes and dailies support editing, direction, DoP and production in post-production
· Conversions: from any format to any format
· Workflow Management
· Post-production: from Onlining, Color Grading, VFX to DCP
→ Fullservice Post-production