OCTAMAS Rental and Post Production, images of our post production and shootings

Specialists for Digital Cinema

We rent out film equipment and post-produce digital film. The Swiss centre of excellence for digital cinema, OCTAMAS, was founded in 2008.

We offer a combined package of rental and post-production, as well as individual services in these fields.

Our services (rental and post-production) have already been used by producers of classics such as TATORT, as well as cinema, TV, short and documentary films, commercials, viral videos and image films.

You have the same contact person from the equipment preparation stage to the finished film.

A high level of expertise, efficient working methods and customers who enjoy working with us, ask questions and are taken seriously: we strive for these objectives on a daily basis.


We keep our finger on the pulse of technological development, always casting a critical eye on new innovations.

We place great importance on promising innovations and believe that a team that has been working together for many years provides a solid foundation for efficiency and quality assurance.

OCTAMAS offers great value for money:

· advice and know-how for every budget and high quality standards
· flexible thinking and action
· obliging, attentive, friendly
· 24/7 support

Film Equipment Rental

We rent out professional camera equipment with all the relevant accessories, from ARRI ALEXA Mini, RED WEAPON, Blackmagic, etc. to matte boxes, fluid heads and lenses. Our equipment range is complete and well looked after.

We support large and small projects, from virals to commercials to feature films.

We offer advice on equipment assembly, devise individual solutions and sort out customs documents and ATA Carnets.

We offer attractive packages combining camera rental and post-production. We offer these package as well, if you rent the equipment from our partners

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