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"With Octamas, I have always felt very well looked after! It’s great to know that, with camera and post-production techniques developing at such a blistering pace, you can get fair, 100% reliable support from a company that actively looks for the most suitable production solutions. Cooperative, efficient and always solution- oriented. It’s fun to work together…"

Anne Walser, Production, C-Films

"What Octamas means to me: great service, good advice, first class equipment and personnel. In the often hectic preparation phase knowing this, is a security and ultimately gives a good feeling!"

Lukas Piccolin, Produktions-/Aufnahmeleiter

"Die Kinofilmproduktion AMOK der C-Films AG (Regie: Cihan Inan) drehten wir auf der RED ONE. Um den dichten Drehplan sicher einhalten zu können, wurde Octamas zur Rate gezogen.

We filmed the C-Films AG cinema production AMOK (director: Cihan Inan) with the RED ONE. In order to keep to the tight filming schedule, we consulted Octamas. It was the perfect and the only right solution for this project! Cooperation in all areas, such as DIT/RED Jedi on set, data management, daily rushes and round-the-clock support (production/post-production), was extremely enriching and enjoyable, and meant we could work without any hitches, to everyone’s satisfaction. aller.

We could always rely 100% on the Octamas crew to provide extremely good value for money, day and night.
Thanks very much to you all. Hopefully we can work together again soon. I wish you great success and hope your business goes well.

Sina Schlatter, Production Manager "Amok" (2009)

"'Sonntagsvierer' was the first feature-length TV film that I had shot using a RED camera. The same applied to Filip Zumbrunn, the DOP. So we were delighted that Octamas helped us by offering advice and practical support. Before filming, on set and afterwards, Octamas was vital to the artistic and technical process. I would work with Octamas again any time."

Sabine Boss, Réalisatrice

"You were extremely professional and a joy to have on the set. Your involvement in addition to your tasks was remarkable, and made you a fully fledged member of the camera department. My focus puller was stoked with you as well. I’m hoping to come back to Zurich soon - we shall definitely work together again."

Britta Mangold, Director of Photography (Voltaren, TV-Spot)

"It was a real pleasure to work with Octamas. To be able to completely hand over responsibility for data handling and camera work frees you in your work, provides security and gives you much more space to focus on the creative side. All in all: professional and competent.."

Filip Zumbrunn, Directeur de photographie "Sonntagsvierer" (2009)