History & Future

OCTAMAS Rental and Post Production


We founded OCTAMAS in 2008 with a view to the imminent digital revolution in the film industry.
We were the first in Switzerland to rent out digital film cameras with 35mm sensors, trained our own staff to use them and set up a fully digital post-production service.
We therefore helped to bring digital film onto the market in Switzerland and worked with a 4K RAW workflow from the outset.

It was clear that the combination of rental and post-production services would save our customers both time and money. Camera and post-production work are so closely entwined that it is very difficult to separate them without creating costly interfaces. For this reason, at OCTAMAS we created the whole chain and built up a huge store of knowledge on transcoding/encoding, colour science, workflows, etc.

With the help of IT, production and post-production experts, we carried out this pioneering work and developed the fastest, highest-quality production and post-production methods.

Aware that budgets are shrinking, we continue to treat every project individually and work as a team to find the most suitable path from the choice of equipment to the finished film.

Based on an instinct for future technology, this is how a centre of excellence for digital film grew, with expertise in newly emerging job profiles and processes.


· Always at the cutting edge
· Latest know-how and technology
· Looking after and purposefully broadening the foundation provided
by long-serving staff
· Responding to praise and criticism in a constructive and forward-looking way
· Looking after customer relationships
· Always offering the best value for money